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We manufacture all kinds of labels with quality and precision. If you can’t find what you’re looking for please get in touch with us and we shall not disappoint.  


Designer FMCG Labels

With various shape and aesthetically pleasing colors, these Labels are sure to attract more customers to buy your products. With various further varieties in it like Labels for water exposed surface, Labels for high wear resistance, etc we got you covered. 

Pharmaceutical Labels

Pharmaceutical application requires long Label life for your customers to read vital information like expiry date. Our Pharmaceutical Labels does just that, with high GSM and crystal clear printing you can trust our Labels to keep your customer informative for as long as you wish.

hologram label
special purpose label

Hologram Label

These Labels are a sign of genuine product and used to distinguish from duplicate ones. They give visual effect of 3D image. These Labels are manufactured with special holographic plate which cannot be replicated and gives the unique silver and multi-color reflection.

Special purpose Label

High or low temperature, greasy surfaces, water exposed surface, VOID Label, Tyre Label, etc. These Labels are specially designed to withstand the custom conditions your products withstands. We manufacture all kinds of special purpose Label, contact us now to know more. 

Multi-color Label
Polyester Chromo Label.jpg

Multi-color Label

Want your product to speak to your customer? Go for our multi-color Label and you can rest assured that your product will sell itself. Our color accuracy is above par and you can rely on us to showcase the exact color combination without any smudges. 

Polyester chromo Label

Simple and plain Labels for bulk products with barcodes for identification. Clearly printed Labels and comes with add-ons like non-tearability. Go to Label for any component or product identification and differentiating.      

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Printers and Scanners

We only deal with high quality barcode printers and scanners.

Barcode Printers and Scanners which we supply are compatible with labels we manufacture. Motorola, Zebra, TSC, Epson and Citizen are the major manufacturers of the printers and scanners we supply. We also provide after sales service and Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). You can rest assured of premium services on purchase from us.

TE200-1 (Copy).jpg
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We supply variety of ribbons compatible with printers and labels we supply. 

We supply ribbons which on printed will not be erased even by applying diesel or scratching with sharp surface. We also deal with multi-color ribbon. Ribbons are very crucial for a quality label printing and we can assure you that once you get used to ribbons we supply you won't leave.

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